Our Purpose

   The inspiration for a series of affordable and accessible College Application and

Essay Writing Workshops originated in the vibrant Oregon ASPIRE Volunteer Mentor Program at Ashland High School in southern Oregon.

   Developing a digital format has made the workshops available to any  student starting the college search and application process.


Net proceeds from workshop tuition and counseling fees are donated to the AHS Fast Forward Fund and similar non-profit programs that assist lower income students with meeting the expenses of transitioning to college. To ensure affordability, workshop tuition is scaled to the student's 

family income level.

 What We Do
Navigations2College is a non-profit organization offering information on colleges and admissions and a series of self-paced workshops that include both digital content and one on one phone/video consultations with a Counselor and follow-up during the college  application  process as needed.  
The CRC Workshop
guides the student's research into colleges and programs that best fit their unique interests, strengths, financial resources, and aspirations, using self-reflection and assessment exercises and encouraging deep research.
The CEW Workshop 
takes a holistic approach to development

of the personal essay and completion of other writing requirements of the Common Application. 
and Coming this August!  Our Unique Guidebook!
A Guided Exploration to
Selected Colleges and Universities
of the Pacific Northwest

with a focus on equitable access, innovation, and
new options and opportunities for college aspiring students. 

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