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"You can find many colleges at which you’ll be happy and get a great education. The college search is about exploring who you are and what you want and then finding colleges that will meet your goals."  College Board

The College Research and Comparison Workshop (CRC)

This CRC workshop is dedicated to helping participants identify colleges and programs that are an excellent fit for their individual interests, aspirations, and financial resources.  The curriculum begins with exercises self-reflection and assessment and leads to informed decision-making by the participant.  

     The curriculum design of the CRC workshop supports the participant's personal engagement in deep research in order to gather accurate data, make valid comparisons among various institutions, and discover what specialized programs and unique opportunities each offers.

     The goal of the CRC workshop is to develop a well-defined, well-balanced, and feasible list of colleges for enthusiastic consideration.

Method of DeliveryOnline study guide and assignments plus frequent individual consultations with the counselor via phone/video

and email.  

Scheduling: Start dates are flexible. 

Tuition: Full Pay is $300.  Partial to full scholarships are available based on self-reported financial need.